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The Story of Lori and Retro-stage

/ Post by katya he

On March 15, Retro-stage received a special cooperation email. The email tells about a 6-year-old girl named Loralei. Although she has autism, she loves fashion design and always designs some clothes for her Barbie dolls. So her mother came to seek cooperation with Retro-stage, and wanted to make a costume designed by her daughter and exhibit it at Autism Awareness Month in April. After hearing Lori's story, Retro-stage decided to help this lovely girl. Lori (follow her Facebook page @LoriCoconutDesigns) has shown her design talent and will design many beautiful clothes for her doll. Every child is a "beautiful star", shining in his own small world.

(Photo of Lori)

Although many people will help children with autism, autism still needs more people to pay attention to and send warmth and love to these children. This event of Retro-stage was mainly promoted on Facebook and Instagram, aiming to raise awareness of autism. All proceeds from this dress were donated to the Autism Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and Lori, and the sales amount was included. 60% of the children were given to the foundation and 40% to Lori, using actions to call on more people to care for and respect children with autism.The most important thing is to thank those who have bought clothes and help those in need in a different way. While receiving the skirt, they also pass on the love. Lori has designed a lot of clothes. If there is a chance in the future, Retro-stage will continue to cooperate with the lovely Lori to carry out the charity together to the end.

(Photo Shared By Our Customer)

As soon as the donation was received, the ASAN Foundation sent a letter of thanks. In this special period, thanks to retro-stage’s generous donation for helping them, ASAN will also continue to provide training, technical assistance and opportunities for emerging autism leaders through the Autism Campus Inclusion Program to make more Of children with autism are cared for.


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