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Dear Loyalty Partners,

Thank you for being interested in joining our affiliate program to share your loved items on our website to your friends and followers. We believe that great fashion items should and will be loved by more and more fashion lovers, and sharing them should be rewarded.

Retro Stage has the goal to be a brand that loved by vintage fashion lovers and we want you to be part of this, we are going to offer more and more vintage dresses and accessories with great design and quality, and of course a decent commission to you.

As now it’s the begin of this journey, being our partners, there are some things you may concern:

1. What will you benefit from this program?
We offer 20% sales commission for our Tier-One partners, that means every dollar paid by the customers come to your website from your unique links, you earn $0.2.

Furthermore, if you recruit more than 5 people to your group, you will have the permission to create Tier-Two accounts for which commission rate will be under 20% (you may need to decide the rate) for your group, the commission difference of Tier-One and Two will be yours.

Tier-One accounts are available for invited Members, and we will close Tier-One registration later.

2. How can you see the exact sales number and the commission you make?
Every Tier-One and Tier-Two partners have access to their account, in which you can check the exact data, these data are collected by the third-party tool and Retro Stage will no able to change them.

3. What do you need to do to remain to be part of our program?
a. Promote our website and items actively and give us feedback timely.
b. Respect our enterprise cultures and do no harm to our brand image and reputation.


Yours Sincerely,

Retro Stage