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Getting Ready for the Upcoming Jazz Age Lawn Party

/ Post by David Nguyen

Back to the 1920s

Have you ever dreamed of traveling back in time to the roaring twenties? Back then, life was a party, with jazz music echoing down every street and women breaking free from their constraints by wearing fashionable dresses and dancing the night away. If this sounds like your kind of scene, then mark your calendar, because the Jazz Age Lawn Party is coming up!

The Jazz Age Lawn Party is a vintage-themed celebration held annually on Governors Island in New York. Here, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere and charm of the 1920s as if you were a character in The Great Gatsby. This event attracts countless 1920s fashion lovers, who get dressed up in their favorite retro-style clothes and enjoy jazz music, food, and cocktails. If you start putting together your outfit now, you can be ready in time for the coolest vintage party of the year on August 12th and 13th!

It’s time to reignite our nostalgic passion for the 1920s, so let’s start getting into character by taking a look at clothing. At Retro Stage, we specialize in vintage-style clothing and accessories, including our 1920s collection, which features pieces adorned with sequins and beads in luxurious art deco patterns. Whatever your style, you can find the perfect piece to suit you.

Sequined Fringe Dresses

This style of dress is a fashionable choice that exudes elegance and classic charm. It combines sequins and tassels to create a dazzling visual effect that will definitely make you stand out. The geometric patterns reflect the tastes and trends of the 1920s, and the asymmetrical tassel hem adds an eye-catching element to every step you take on the dance floor. You can choose your perfect dress from a variety of colors, including champagne, deep green, red, and black.

These dresses are exquisitely crafted to make every sequin catch the light in just the right way. Each garment is carefully designed to perfectly showcase your figure, making this style the ideal choice for parties. You’re sure to stand out in any crowd with a dress like this, especially when doing the Charleston.

Tasseled Flapper Dress

For something more cutting-edge, you can try a multi-layered fringe dress. With their cascading layers of tassels, these dresses create a shimmering sense of movement that will draw all eyes to the wearer in any setting.

The first black dress is a great option to help you channel the jazzy spirit of the 1920s. Its sleeveless design provides a full range of motion and elegantly shows off your shoulders. Coming down to just above the knee, this dress shows just the right amount of leg while still keeping things modest. The second fringe dress shows a more carefree style. In addition to having a sexy V-neckline, this dress features crisscrossing spaghetti straps that come together in a bow in the back for a super fun accent. They will make you want to dance all day at the party!

If you’re not a fan of classic black, then this silver fringe dress might just be your new favorite. It features the same tiered fringe in silver-gray for an even more glamorous look. This piece strikes a great balance between classic and modern aesthetics, showcasing vintage fashion that incorporates more modern elements.

Sequined Maxi Flapper Dresses

You can see the perfect combination of elegance and gorgeousness in these dresses. Their delicate and graceful bases are adorned with sparkling sequins arranged in a pattern that mimics intricate embroidery. The sequins reflect light, giving off a mesmerizing and radiant aura around you. The delicate lace detailing is designed to add a touch of softness to the ensemble. With the right accessories and makeup, you could even use one of these as your wedding dress.

For those who like simpler patterns, these pieces with geometric sequin patterns are also a great choice to evoke the glamorous Art Deco motifs of the 1920s. They are representative pieces of classic style that can perfectly showcase your elegance. 

No matter which one you choose, a dress from this collection will make you the lady who best represents the iconic style of the 1920s at the Jazz Age Lawn Party. You can also browse our line of accessories below to find the finishing touches for your ensemble.

Beaded Sequin Flapper Capes

A cape is a gorgeous vintage fashion item that exudes Jazz Age elegance. When you choose a cape that matches the color of your skirt, you’ll be floored by how beautifully everything comes together.


The right headband can serve as the perfect complement to your outfit by adding delicate detailing to an already-elegant hairstyle. We offer a wide selection of headbands with different types of decorations, such as rhinestones, pearls, feathers, and more. Even better, you can easily get the same classic headband as the heroine in The Great Gatsby!

Accessory Sets

To complete your look, we also have complete sets of 1920s accessories, so you won’t have to go to five different stores looking for a few individual pieces.

All of the above items and more can be found in our Jazz Age Lawn Party collection. Don’t wait—the Lawn Party is coming up fast! Let’s dive into the past together and relive the incredible fashion of the 1920s through a modern lens.