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Retro Stage Launches Swimsuits with Classic Elements: Feeling Retro Glamour in Summer

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MONTEREY,  Calif., June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for summer, Retro Stage launches swimsuits with classic elements, including prints, polka dots, plaids, stripes, and mesh, to help modern women feel the glamour of retro style and lead the way in retro fashion. The timeless classic collection features the most durable fabric and vibrant colors for a youthful and liberated lifestyle. Whether one-piece swimsuits or bikini sets, shop the latest at Retro Stage.

Classic Swimsuits at Retro Stage

As swimming has become a leisure lifestyle for the public today, swimsuits have also become a way to pursue fashion and express themselves. However, most people don't know that the swimsuits commonly worn today have developed for hundreds of years by following the changes of the times. From the concept of women's swimwear gradually taking shape to the appearance of swimwear on the covers of fashion magazines; from the appearance of the bikini sets to the public swimming and sunbathing in a bikini set today.

"It's a great pleasure to explore fashion history, and the admiration of vintage fashion inspires us a lot in designing." Retro Stage said, "our mission is to share the timelessness of aesthetics with the public and make them feel the charm of retro style. "

Under the elegant fashion background, a swimsuit is like a work of art. Its cutting and pattern all carry the unique charm of the era. The most prominent is the retro-style swimsuit, which uses a lot of classic elements, such as prints, polka dots, plaids, stripes, and mesh. Decorated with these elements, the swimsuits can offer lively and cute, or elegant and sexy styles. Even today, these classic elements stand the test of time and become the main theme of swimwear. Retro Stage takes inspiration from these classic elements, allowing modern women to feel retro charm at any time.


This is a popular category that encompasses many different types of iconic patterns. Retro Stage takes inspiration from natural elements, like flowers and plants, fruits, and even animals. For those who like elegant style, a fresh Daisy-printed Halter Bikini Set can help to exude femininity. The lifelike daisies on the swimsuit make them seem to be surrounded by flowers and full of fragrance. For lovely style, the Strawberry Lace-up Bikini Set or Cherry One-piece Swimsuit can be the best choice to show off at the pool or sunbathe on a hot day. Besides, Retro Stage also designs swimsuits with animal elements for those who like unique style, such as the butterfly-patterned Halter One-piece swimsuit or Jaguar-patterned Green Halter One-piece Swimsuit.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are youthful and lively in fashion and have a place in everyone's wardrobe. This pattern is somewhat unique in the way that it can change the tone of an outfit based on the size of the dots themselves. Large and loose polka dots offer an element of whimsy, like the Yellow Halter Bikini Set to magnify figure charm, while smaller and dense polka dots become a subtle enhancement for Red Strap One-piece Swimsuit to make people look slimmer.


As a funny and flirty pattern, the swimsuits with plaid pattern can easily evoke memories of summertime picnics by the sea with friends, which you might attend in the Red Checked Halter Bowknot Swimsuit. For a more gentle and graceful look, the Black Plaid Spaghetti Strap One-piece Swimsuit, a combination of conventional black and white plaid, can be a good choice.


In addition to the standard black and white stripes, stripes in any color combination can be a surprise. Yellow is the color of joy that promotes a sense of passion and warmth as shown in Yellow and White Striped Bikini Set. And turquoise is considered a bright color that can symbolize vitality and energy. For a fresh and natural color preference, why not try the Turquoise Stripe Strap Bow Swimsuit?


Mesh has always been classic and irreplaceable, which leads to the popularity of various mesh--from simple to intricate, affordable to luxurious, machine-produced to hand-woven. This material is a long-standing staple and the essence of the gorgeous women. Retro Stage combines mesh with other elements to create surprising swimsuits, such as the Lace Strawberry Cami Tankini Set and Green Summer Daisy Strap Bikini Set for highlighting a young and lively style. In addition, if you look for a mature and graceful style, the Butterfly Halter One-piece Swimsuit and Butterfly Strap One-piece Swimsuit & Cover-up Skirt are excellent choices for party or pool activities.

About Retro Stage

In addition to swimsuits, Retro Stage is a popular vintage fashion brand with many vintage clothing and accessories from the 1920s, 1950s, and 1960s. As a vintage-style seeker, Retro Stage is more than a brand. It's also a way of life that helps every customer step into the past fashion with chic and glamorous vintage style. "Beauty never fades." Retro Stage said, "All we have to do is encourage women to seek a better life and embrace their natural beauty confidently."

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