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Retro Stage Invites You to Celebrate the 5th Anniversary Together

/ Post by katya he

We are incredibly humbled to be celebrating our fifth anniversary with all of you. It has been a wonderful experience sharing our love of vintage styles with the world, and we look forward to continuing this journey and providing you with beautiful retro aesthetics for many years to come. In honor of this momentous milestone, we want to share with you five of our absolute favorite patterns and motifs that we’ve incorporated into many of our garments—and that you should definitely incorporate into your wardrobe!


This is a very broad category that encompasses many different types of iconic patterns, and the most notable is the ever-beautiful floral motifs. Fabrics with floral prints or embroidery are timeless and are particularly standout in the spring. Retro Stage has 1950s-inspired options for any occasion, whether our Floral Halter Lace-up Romper for a casual day out or the same Floral Halter Bikini Set for a happy swimming time. Our garments also take inspiration from other aspects of nature, like butterflies and even fruit! Exude femininity with a butterfly-patterned Pink Lace-Up Dress, or take a quirkier approach to print with Sweet Strawberry. In addition, you don’t have to be limited to streetwear, either; show off at the pool or sunbathe on a hot day in a Butterfly Halter Bikini Set or a strawberry-adorned Cami Tankini Set. There really are endless possibilities with nature-based motifs, and you’re sure to find pieces that will quickly become standouts in your closet.

Plaid Patterns

You might associate plaid with older people in kilts or the dresses you wear for family photoshoots on holidays, but we promise that there’s so much more about the plaid. First of all, plaid and tartan patterns can add sophisticated and retro flair to your wardrobe, as seen in our 1950s Pockets Plaid Dress; it can also add an element of joy to everyday pieces like swimsuits, one example being the Checked Halter Bowknot One-piece Swimsuit. Secondly, the term “plaid” can apply to a multitude of different prints here, including gingham and argyle. Gingham is a funny and flirty pattern that evokes memories of summertime picnics, which you might attend in a Yellow Fruits Ruffled Vintage Dress or a Navy Blue Lace-up Strap Romper. If you like lively yellow, don’t miss the Yellow Plaid swimsuit. In comparison, argyle has a much more academic feeling to it, which makes it an unexpected motif in garments such as our Navy Blue Halter Swimsuit. You can explore a whole host of ways to add plaid into your rotation and know you’ll always look stunning.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are youthful and lively in any era and have a place in everyone’s wardrobe. This pattern is somewhat unique in the way that it can change the tone of an outfit based on the size of the dots themselves. Large and loose polka dots offer an element of whimsy, such as Yellow Polka Dots Halter Bikini Set and Red Halter Polka Dot Swimsuit to magnify your figure charm, while smaller and dense polka dots become a subtle enhancement for darker-toned Belted Patchwork Dress. Take on our Ivory Halter Pencil Dress and Spaghetti Strap Polka Dot Dress to highlight your feminine morbidezza and grace, and at the same time, bring a mature spirit to what might be considered a more juvenile pattern. You can also adopt a 1950s midsummer look by sporting the Ivory Polka Dots Halter Bikini Set to stun passersby on a walk at the seaside or pool. Putting your bubbly personality on full display is a piece of cake with a trusty array of polka-dotted garments at your disposal. 


You’ve seen stripes in every direction imaginable, but that doesn’t mean you’ve seen everything they present! In addition to the Navy Stripes Sailor Romper & Skirt and Stripe Patchwork Bow Halter Bikini, you can explore stripes in any combination of colors you like. If you like playing it safe, you can combine neutrals like black or white with rich and saturated colors for an eye-catching ensemble, like our 1950s Turquoise Stripes Romper & Skirt and Turquoise Stripe Strap Bow Swimsuit. If you’re up for making a bolder statement, you can really shine in the Rainbow Stripe Swing Dress (it even has pockets!) or have a good time by the seaside in Green Halter Stripes Bikini Set. No matter what you prefer, stripes laid just the right way on the body will flatter your figure beautifully and make you look vibrant.


There are endless varieties of delicate lace all around Europe—from simple to intricate, affordable to luxurious, machine-produced to hand-woven. This material is a long-standing staple and the essence of the gorgeous Retro Stage women. We incorporate lace into our clothes in many different forms, whether the Sweet Heart Sling Dress and lovely Red Butterfly Halter Swimsuit for highlighting a lively style or the dresses decorated with lace from neckline to hem, such as the 1950s Cold Shoulder Ruffle Dress and the Butterfly Strap Skirt for a symbol of elegance. In addition, if you look for a mature and retro style, the Black Lace Swing Dress and the Ruffled Skirted Swimsuit are excellent choices for party or pool activities. It is the truth that you will look fabulous when wearing our lacy garments, so we encourage you to give this classic material some chances to be your lovely partner when you are under the spotlight! 

Now you know some of our favorite design motifs and learn more about us. We’d like to give you our heartfelt thanks for your support and help in the last five years and look forward to making progress and innovation with you in the future. Retro Stage values the customers’ experience as the top priority. Therefore, customers’ understanding and support of our viewpoints on vintage fashion fill us with joy as well as motivation to keep on creating show-stopping garments. Whether in the past, present, or promising future, Retro Stage always makes progress—we couldn’t do it without you.