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The Unique Spark of Inspiration That Makes Retro Stage Stand Out

/ Post by katya he
The Unique Spark of Inspiration That Makes Retro Stage Stand Out
Lets find more fashion styles!

Retro Stage was created by a group of period fashion enthusiasts who love the styles of the 20th century, especially the ‘20s, ‘50s, and ‘60s, aiming to make beautiful vintage-inspired garments for fellow fashionistas who also admire retro designs. Since Retro Stage’s inception, we have always been dedicated to innovating and experimenting with a variety of retro-inspired looks to give the public an eclectic source of vintage fashion. 

The Roaring Twenties were the pinnacle of jazz-age fashion and an important decade in fashion history; in the 1950s, the fashion industry was like a garden full of blooming flowers, creating the most elegant period in fashion history; and the Swinging Sixties were a time of breaking conventions and encouraging self-expression. Initially, inspired by the fashion trends of these decades, we designed various retro clothing items featuring 1920s flapper dresses, 1950s swing dresses, 1960s pencil dresses and fishtail dresses, and swimsuits. Nowadays, we also take inspiration from the classic artworks featuring the 20th century as their setting, making the vintage elements in them available to modern women. From vintage pictorials to old photos to film and television dramas, they set off wave after wave of retro nostalgia and fashion trends. 

Vintage Pictorials

In the 1950s, the looks of pin-up girls were popular in the fashion industry. From the stage to the streets, the public imitated the makeup, hairstyles, and clothing of pinup girls with the aim of standing out and showing their unique charm. When dressing in the style of an elegant pinup, bright colors, stripes, polka dots, plaids, and prints are all essential elements. We incorporate elements like these into our clothing, as seen in our Red & White Pockets Plaid Dress and our Yellow & White Floral Skirt, to make women of today feel a sense of retro glamour. In addition to 1950s clothing, we also draw inspiration from swimsuit-themed pictorials to design swimwear that is both classic and cute in its nostalgic appeal, such as our Checked Halter Bowknot Swimsuit and our Retro Cherry Swimsuit.

Old Photos

Old photos carry a lot of precious historical information and allow us to look into the past and get a unique perspective on the time period. Nowadays, you don't have to sigh with longing for the fine clothes in these photos or regret having missed all these classic trends. We would like to employ apparel that draws inspiration from old photographs, such as Polka Dot Patchwork Button Jumpsuit, Navy Blue Sailor Collar Romper, and more, to help you experience those memories in your own way.

Celebrities & TV Dramas

Who doesn’t know the famous star, Marilyn Monroe? She is not only an eternal sex symbol in the hearts of fans, but also a representative figure of pop culture. We take inspiration from her memorable looks to design sensual and elegant garments like our Ivory Cap Sleeve Slim Pleated Dress, allowing women to express their confidence and allure just as Marilyn did. Not only that, but film and television dramas such as The Miller's Beautiful Wife, High Society, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel also inspire a lot of our clothing, as seen in our Sky Blue Strap Polka Dot Swing Dress and Rainbow Stripe Pocket Swing Dress.

Designers’ Manuscripts

With the help of inspiration, our designers can thus draw manuscripts to express their design concepts and new definitions of retro aesthetics. We highlight the most outstanding designs from these manuscripts and turn them into fine clothes by using high-end durable fabrics—as seen, for example, in our 1950s Off Shoulder Swing Dress and Black 1960s Butterfly Backless Pencil Dress—and then display them on our website and in our partnered stores for everyone to browse. With the designs, we want to bring originality and creativity to clothing, expressing the attitude of appreciating life rather than adhering to traditional fashion trends.