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Retro Stage’s Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas

/ Post by Eric Lau

Halloween is creeping up on us, so it’s almost time to get spooky and dress up! What trendy costume will you choose to stand out from the crowd at the Halloween party? We at Retro Stage have pulled together our favorite Halloween costume ideas for 2022 and recommended a few key pieces to help you pull off the perfect look. Whether you’re looking for a costume that’s scary, funny, or cute, we’ve got you covered. We invite you to check out our selection of dresses and accessories to find your ideal look for Halloween.

Horror Movies and Books

If you’re a movie or literature buff, you might want to get in the Halloween spirit with a costume that pays homage to your favorite horror story or film. Whether you’re one of the vampires from Twilight or a zombie from The Walking Dead, you can wear our Pink Halloween Blood Fishtail Dress to embody your monstrous pop culture character. Do you remember? The heroine, Carrie, from the horror film Carrie frightened everyone by wearing this pink dress and then began to take revenge. This gory pink dress is horrific enough to scare everyone you meet on Halloween! If you want something a little less creepy, our White Bat Cape Swing Dress, looking like it came right out of a black and white movie, can help you show your love for horror this Halloween in a cool, sophisticated way.

Skeletons are always a popular theme for Halloween costumes. At Retro Stage, there is a range of fun and festive skeleton-themed dresses to fit any costume style. For example, you can find a simple black dress with a skeleton print. When you walk in the dark with this dress, these white skeletons can be seen as your bare bones, creating a terrifying and interesting effect. You can also find a more elaborate dress fully covered with scary skulls, making the wearer seem to master evil magic spells and be ready to summon demons at any time. And a dress with little cartoon skulls is perfect for young girls to get together for trick-or-treating. Don’t wait—order your skeleton dress today and be ready for a scary Halloween!


Another popular Halloween theme is magic, which is the perfect opportunity to add an air of mystery to your look. Whether you want to be a witch, a sorceress, or some other magical creature, there are lots of ways to incorporate the dark arts into your costume. For example, our Halloween Black Gothic Steampunk Lace Dress or Red Gothic Steampunk Lace Dress, featuring a corset and strappy design, is perfect to complete your witch cosplay. Besides, our Halloween Black Gothic Spider Web Swing Dress, designed with a corset and trumpet sleeves, is suitable for a sorceress look. The corset design can help to slim the waist and create an hourglass figure. And the trumpet sleeves can make you wave your magic wand freely! With these dresses, you will be the center of attention at any October gathering. Meanwhile, we’ve incorporated popular Halloween elements like spiders, bats, cobwebs, and skulls into these pieces to add a supernatural touch to your outfit, so if you’re looking for a truly spooky Halloween look, here’s your chance to let your costume make a little magic. It’s sure to put a spell on everyone you talk to at the Halloween party!


What says Halloween more than pumpkins? For a classic autumnal look this Halloween, consider adding some pumpkins to your outfit. Our designers have created a range of stylish pumpkin-themed clothing items, from lovely pumpkin prints to warm pumpkin colors, that are perfect for Halloween parties. Whether you prefer them as a cartoony motif or a spooky one, you can explore the pumpkin possibilities with our Pumpkin Halter Strap Patchwork Dress or our Halloween Spaghetti Straps Corset Dress. Don’t forget to add little pumpkin accessories to your wardrobe this Halloween, such as a pumpkin bag, pumpkin earrings, and a pumpkin necklace—they are sure to get you in the spirit!

Are you ready for Halloween? Pick up a Retro Stage Halloween dress to show that you’re ready to go trick-or-treating and that you have a passion for Halloween all month long. In addition to the dresses mentioned above, you can also browse our Halloween Day page to see more options. Happy haunting!