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Celebrating Independence Day with Patriotic Retro Styles

/ Post by Nina Zhao

It’s almost time for the most thoroughly American holiday of them all: Independence Day! Celebrating the country’s separation from British rule with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Fourth of July has evolved over the centuries into a spectacle of lights, food, and family that millions of Americans look forward to each year. An important holiday like this calls for a fun and festive outfit that will help you get into the spirit. Whether you’re looking for stars and stripes or red, white, and blue, it’s easy to pay homage to the past by donning a vintage-inspired piece from Retro Stage. Let’s take a look at some hand-picked selections that retro fashion lovers will adore no matter how they plan to celebrate Independence Day!


Navy Blue 1950s Patchwork Off-Shoulder Striped Romper

What’s more American than a Fourth of July barbecue? This fun, easy-to-wear piece is perfectly suited to a family cookout with its cuffed shorts and off-shoulder design. The navy blue color, striped bodice, and high waistline with white button accents work together to create an altogether patriotic look reminiscent of 20th-century sailor uniforms.

1930s Polka-Dot Patchwork Button Jumpsuit

Sorry, red—white and blue are having fun on their own this time. Another piece that takes inspiration from old naval wear, this fun jumpsuit takes a more modern approach with its sheer straps and polka-dotted bodice with a V-neckline. Its high-cut waist and lightly flared pant legs flatter the natural curves of the body, leaving you feeling stylish and utterly feminine.

Navy Blue 1950s Stars Spaghetti Strap Dress

One of the most exciting things to do on Independence Day is watch the fireworks as they bloom explosively across the sky. If you’re planning on attending a fireworks show or setting some off yourself, this gorgeous dress could be the one for you. Made up of a deep blue base with a white star pattern, red accents, and double spaghetti straps, this piece will have you looking like you stepped out from between the stripes of the American flag.

1960s V-Neck Red Blue Contrast Stripes Dress

If you want to try something a little different this year, how about hosting a cocktail party for your friends? That’ll give you the perfect opportunity to wear this unique patriotic pencil dress, which has a red-and-white striped bodice and a solid blue skirt with gold button accents. The V-neck design and body-hugging construction add the perfect amount of sensuality for a mature yet ultra-festive look.

Red 1950s Stars Patchwork Strap Dress

Celebrating freedom is always more fun when you’re with your loved ones. This red swing dress, which takes inspiration from colonial garb like the double-breasted coat, is the ideal piece for drinking champagne with your closest friends and family at a Fourth of July dinner party. Incorporating blue-and-white star-patterned fabric into the neckline and skirt, this dress’ sleek, refined construction is a wonderful option for any Independence Day get-together.

1950s Striped Colorblock Retro Bikini Set

A holiday is a great excuse to take your summer fun to the next level, whether that means a beach day, a water gun fight, or running through the sprinklers in your backyard. This high-waisted bikini features the full American flag color palette and even has a striped top! Nobody will be able to deny how festive you look when you spend the day wearing this piece.

1950s Halter Navy Swing Dress

On a hot summer day, a picnic is a fantastic way to cool down while relaxing in the shade and enjoying some snacks. This comfortable swing dress features a tied halter neckline and a breezy mid-length skirt to maximize airflow. Its white trim and button detailing add a touch of sophistication for a look that’s both youthful and refined.

Navy Blue 1950s Spaghetti Buttons Swimsuit

This adorable suit is a comfortable, old-fashioned take on the modern bikini. Its cropped top with spaghetti straps pairs beautifully with the modest shorts-style bottoms, and the blue-and-white color palette makes it perfect for an Independence Day beach outing.

Navy Blue 1950s Stars Lapel Vintage Romper

If you’re one of those people who likes going camping for the Fourth of July, or if you’ve got some time to sit around the fire after a barbecue, you’ll probably be roasting marshmallows that night. This fun blue romper is patterned with festive white stars and features a cuffed hem, side pockets, and a crisp lapel collar. There’s even belt loops at the waist so you can accessorize however you like!

Navy Blue 1950s Sailor Collar Romper

Even if you don’t have anything special planned, you can still get dressed up to go out and about. This Navy-inspired romper has a wrap skirt overlay that flares out gently from the pearl-buttoned waist panel, bringing a fun and flirty element to the table that plays well with the no-nonsense color palette of deep blue and white.

Yellow & Blue 1950s Striped Lace-Up Swimsuit

There’s no need to stick to tradition with red, white, and blue; let’s invite yellow to the party for a change! This cheerful one-piece pairs a sunshine-yellow V-neck bodice with low-cut navy bottoms that come together at a white-striped waistline. Finished off with adjustable drawstring straps for a little extra personality, this unique swimsuit is full of beautiful contrast from top to bottom.

1950s Polka-Dot Halter Pleated Bikini

Here we have the less quirky—but still gorgeous—cousin of the previous piece, consisting of a buttercup-colored tie-neck halter top and ruched blue bottoms with white polka dots. This will be a welcome addition to any Fourth of July pool party and is perfect for both taking a dip and lounging in the shade.



Everybody has their own way of celebrating the Fourth of July, but regardless of what your plans may be, rest assured that you’ll be looking and feeling fabulous in your Retro Stage outfit. There’s no better way to show your appreciation for your country’s rich history than by channeling fashion nostalgia with vintage-inspired clothing. The team here at Retro Stage would like to wish you a happy Independence Day and hopes you have an amazing time celebrating America’s freedom!