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A Guide to Our Exclusive Designer New Releases

/ Post by katya he

In this wonderful August, we’d like to share with you something exciting: Retro Stage is celebrating Design Month by releasing exclusive designer clothing. These new arrivals will be a display of unique fashion elements and a fusion of cutting-edge and retro design, bringing you more distinctive and attractive styles. Here we invite you to read through this guide to see what’s new that will help you complete your personal fashion show.


A butterfly with its wings spread is like a blooming flower, beautiful and vibrant. Who would say no to lively butterflies? Inspired by butterflies, our designers combine butterfly embroidery with fine mesh tulle to create elegant and romantic dresses, such as our Nude 1950s Lace Butterfly Swing Dress and our 1950s Off-Shoulder Lace Butterfly Swing Dress, making it easy for people to show off their pure beauty. As one of our design classics, designers also apply butterfly elements to jumpsuits and rompers, as seen on our Black Strap Butterfly Lace Patchwork Jumpsuit and our Apricot Patchwork Butterfly Lace Romper. More excitingly, we will invite customers with original design spirit to participate in our design month activity and present the same butterfly fabric to them, so that they can make their design dream come true.


We always take inspiration from flowers, especially daisies—no one can say no to a daisy print garment! As a lovely example inspired by natural style, daisy-patterned clothing can provide a real feeling of nature for the wearer, some examples being our 1950s Lace Daisy Strap Romper and our White 1950s Daisy Dreamer Vintage Dress. The delicate and lifelike daisies are full of vitality, making it seem as if the wearer is surrounded by the fragrance and elegance of flowers.

Leopard Print

This wild, sexy, rebellious, and luxurious element often occupies a prominent position in the headlines of the fashion industry. Our designers combine the wildness and spirituality of leopards with retro fashion ideas to create forward-thinking, noble, and mysterious clothing to meet the needs of ladies of all different fashion styles. As seen on our 1960s Off-Shoulder Leopard Pencil Dress, this pattern can always add a touch of grace, complexity, and confidence to your outfit.

Polka Dots

The alluring feel of polka dots comes from a combination of fashion trends and real-life elements. Through delightful visual appeal, they show the wearer’s positive and enterprising spirit. Our talented designers skillfully capture the inspiration of unpredictable polka dot art and apply it to clothing in a variety of ways. Polka dots can even blend very well with other elements, as demonstrated by our Nude 1950s Spaghetti Strap Polka Dot Dress and our Apricot 1950s Dots Patchwork Swing Dress, in which we incorporate polka dots into fine mesh tulle, making for delicate, artistic skirts.


The velvet dress was once a symbol of nobility that stood out at various social gatherings, balls, and court banquets. Nowadays, red velvet, evoking the ancient trends of the Middle Ages, is a declaration of classicism and aristocracy, a beautiful interpretation of modernity blended with majesty. If you want to feel the charm of velvet, why not try our 1960s Off-Shoulder Velvet Bodycon Dress or our Wine Red 1960s Velvet Bodycon Dress?


This is a must-have element for Halloween! Our designers apply this lively element to clothing by way of classic spooky designs mixed with vintage artistry, creating a unique style for those who want to try something adventurous. Whether you prefer seeing them as a funny or lively motif, you can see the pumpkin possibilities on our Beige 1950s Lace-Up Costume Dress and our Black 1950s Pumpkins Romper & Skirt. You can even get a head start on preparing for the next themed party or Halloween bash you’re going to this year.

These new exclusive designer items are not only beautiful pieces of clothing, but also representations of our designers’ pursuit of and love for retro art. No matter what style you want to try, there is always at least one Retro Stage piece for you. In addition to the clothing mentioned above, there are more surprising items for you to explore. We hope you’re looking forward to the new product release in August just as much as we are

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