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Chic is a hope, a wish for new opportunities in life

       We are a group of fashion lovers who are fond of retro styles, especially the trends in the 1920s, 1950s. We are eager to establish a theatre called "RETRO STAGE", we invite you to join us in this elegant and mysterious performance. In this theatre, plays under the themes of "The Golden Twenties" and "The New Look" continue to be performed. 

Source Of Inspiration

      Our clothes express the value of retro aesthetics with unique tailoring and classic style design. Our inspiration comes from the splendid eras of the 20th century, inspired by those great classic movies, such as The Great Gatsby, The Miller’s Beautiful Wife, Sabrina, Joy House, High Society, Funny Face, etc. We design retro-style clothes for our customers. We believe that our selections will not only make our customers stand out in the crowd at parties and events but also stylish in daily life. Whether you became a flapper adorned with tassels and sparkles in the 1920s or a gorgeous lady depicted in color in the 1950s, you were the magical and memorable protagonist. Beyond the retro design concept, we hope to reveal the vitality of clothing, as well as women's self-understanding and pursuit of beauty.

Whether you're going out to the street or keep the party going all night...

A gorgeous vintage style romper & skirt full of feminine radiance, the gorgeous blue stripes are dancing with bowknots throughout the midcentury silhouette... BUY IT HERE>>

Flatter your figure and charm the room in this retro beauty, turn back your fashion clock to the midsts of the 1950s, where feminine chic reigned supreme, and dresses oozed pure elegance and seduction.  BUY IT HERE>>

Lovely yellow mesh polka dots throughout a tender green backdrop cast in a marvelous stretchy fabric. A sure conversation starter, the adorable swing dress is utterly unique and entirely kitsch! BUY IT HERE>>

Or go wandering through the wildflowers in the Retro Stage Garden...
Tops & Skirt

Capture the chic essence of Audrey Hepburn's supreme retro style, and channel your inner vintage vixen with RetroStage's gorgeous Audrey dress.

Tops & Skirt

Crafted in fabulous cotton and boasting 1950s styling, this adorable silhouette boasts a black checked pattern throughout, perfect for party and work.

The History of Retro Stage

      In early 2017, we started Retro-stage.com. Since then we deliver retro styles items including dresses, shoes, and accessories to over ten thousand customers every year. Obstacles and challenges have never stopped us but only made us stronger. Positive feedbacks, comments, and pictures shared by our customers are what keeps us going towards excellence. Twenties to fifties glamour, hats, headbands, scarf, glasses, earrings, gloves, hand fans, and bags Fashion History of 1920s-1950s Accessories, giving us an authentic look at fashions worn by Retro Stage in the history.

Or sail into a good time in the blue Ocean...

All the charming styles from Retro Stage.


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