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The Groovy Generation:A Guide to Iconic 1960s Fashion

/ Post by Nina Zhao

Fashion as a whole has always been influenced by society’s cultural, social, and political changes, and with so much going on in the 1960s, it’s no wonder we saw such a dramatic shift in clothing trends. While some ladies like Jackie Kennedy took a nostalgic, 1950s-esque approach to couture, rebellious youth and anti-war protestors were responsible for popularizing the mod and hippie aesthetics this decade is now known for. Today, we’re taking a look at some Groovy Generation–inspired picks you can add to your collection to pay tribute to one of the most fascinating periods of the 20th century.

1960s Crew Bowknot Sleeveless Dress

Available in two psychedelic hues, this dress combines minimalist color blocking with a vintage-style drop-waist skirt for a result that’s about as quintessentially mod as you can get! The fashions of the 1960s are often assumed to be about loud prints and clashing textures, but simple garments like this one, consisting of just a couple colors with little to no patterning, actually played a huge part in the mod scene. Dress up this piece with some hoop earrings and your best gogo boots and you’ll have a blast on the dance floor!

Black 1960s Butterfly Backless Pencil Dress

This dress puts an ultra-refined spin on the more adventurous clothing options available to women in the ‘60s—in other words, a period-accurate take on “business in the front, party in the back.” With its strong foundation of a high-cut neckline and a body-hugging pencil silhouette, the piece then turns on a dime to break new ground with its daring lace back panel embroidered with black butterflies.

1960s Off-Shoulder Velvet Bodycon Dress

In the case of this dress, less really is more. Luxurious velvet takes center stage in a curve-hugging cut that draws attention to the bust and collarbone with its off-shoulder sleeves and gently sloping wrap neckline. This piece comes in three lovely colors to suit a wide range of tastes and is perfect for any cocktail party or semi-formal event when paired with some basic pumps and simple accessories, like a string of pearls or a pendant necklace.

Orange 1960s Lapel Flowers Patchwork Dress

This piece contrasts a vibrant and cartoony floral print with the crisp white fabric that makes up the sleeves, collar, and waist accents, creating a look that represents a more tailored, sophisticated interpretation of the free-thinking flower power philosophy that defined mod and hippie clothing trends. In other words, it’s the whole of Groovy Generation chic all wrapped up into one cohesive package.

1960s Off-Shoulder Leopard Pencil Dress

Taking inspiration from pin-up legend Bettie Page is this stunning off-shoulder piece whose tight-fitting pencil silhouette embodies the femme fatale in a ‘60s-friendly fashion. While the off-shoulder design, low-cut neckline, and overall length are certainly seductive, the simplicity of this garment lends itself to a more mature vibe that plays well with the attention-grabbing leopard print.

2-Piece 1960s Retro Lady Crop Top & Pencil Skirt

If you took a vintage pin-up postcard and turned it into couture, it would look just like this adventurous two-piece set. The cropped boatneck top shows your fun-loving personality and is balanced out with a high-waisted pencil skirt, which seems like it’s all business at first glance but has a sultry surprise in the form of a rear slit. As a whole, this set really exemplifies the duality of 1960s trends in a clean, simple design that lets the print do the talking.

Black 1960s Button Slit Bodycon Dress

The goth subculture didn’t really emerge until the ‘70s, but this unique red-and-black piece imagines what a 1960s goth girl might have looked like with its beautiful bodycon construction. The double flutter sleeve, wrap neckline, and side slit work together to create a look that’s chic and feminine, but the dress still maintains that brooding darkness we know and love with its button detailing and color palette. When paired with the right makeup and accessories, it has the potential to be an awesome vintage-inspired Halloween look or a nostalgic outfit for a goth get-together.

Pink 1960s Polka Dot Mesh Pencil Dress

Soft and sleek come together to create something truly special in this gorgeous pink dress with a black polka-dot tulle overlay. The flattering pencil design is highlighted by black lines that emphasize each and every curve and give the appearance of longer proportions. Finishing off the look are two velvet bow accents on the bodice as well as short tulle sleeves with gathered seams to create additional texture and dimension.

Ivory 1960s Cap Sleeve Slim Pleated Dress

A high-quality garment doesn’t need to be complicated to look good, and that’s never been more true than with this minimalist off-white dress. The intricately gathered fabric at the side seams creates a breathtaking draping effect that complements the natural curves and flow of the body, and the built-in elasticity of the material means that the neckline can be easily adjusted from boatneck to off-shoulder as you please.

Black 1960s Halter Sunflower Pencil Dress

Dark colors and monotone outfits may have been trending hardcore among high-fashion women in the 1960s, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun. This lovely and lively pencil dress spices things up with a sensual halter strap and a sunflower-print wrap skirt that cascades from the hip in soft ruffles, perfect for a vintage dinner party or a stroll in the sunshine.


From fashion to social movements to politics, the ‘60s were all about evolution, and with Retro Stage, you can embrace all the different facets of vintage womenswear to cultivate a wardrobe that’s thoroughly and unapologetically you. You can check out our website to explore 1960s-inspired creations of all kinds and find your favorite trends and motifs from this iconic decade. Have fun and stay groovy, everybody!