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Give the Gift of Vintage Elegance on Mother’s Day

/ Post by katya he

Mother’s Day is when we show our love and appreciation for all the incredible moms in our lives by showering them with attention and spending quality time together. Moms and mother figures play an invaluable role in the lives of so many of us, often being responsible for much of the day-to-day nurturing and development during our childhoods. That’s why this Mother’s Day, Retro Stage wants to help you give back to the strong, capable women in your life in the form of gorgeous vintage-inspired clothing. If you’re having trouble finding just the right gift for your mom, keep reading to browse our selection of hand-picked Mother’s Day dresses.

Green 1950s Off-Shoulder Vintage Dress

A mature take on a classic ‘50s silhouette, this dress just oozes luxury. The olive-green brocade fabric is interwoven with bronze butterflies and neatly pleated at the waist to create a voluminous swing skirt that sways gently with every movement. Complete with an off-shoulder wrap neckline and a line of buttons down the front, this piece is perfect for a classy, refined woman with a dinner date coming up.

Red 1950s Polka Dot Halter Dress


A red dress with white polka dots is quintessential vintage glamor, and this piece goes the extra mile with its white belt and tie-neck halter neckline. The light, breezy design makes this a great dress to wear as a swimsuit cover-up or just as loungewear on a sunny day at the beach. In essence, you’d be giving your mom the gift of relaxation!

Black 1930s Polka Dot Mermaid Dress

For the woman who refuses to sacrifice fun for the sake of formality, this dress is a true gift. It combines a sophisticated mermaid design with a youthful black polka dot fabric as well as a sheer overskirt and puff sleeves, creating something totally new and unique. A garment with so much personality deserves to be worn somewhere vibrant, like at a play or a dinner theater performance. If you consider your mother to be a fun-seeking lady who marches to the beat of her own drum, have her give this dress a try.

Army Green 1940s Lapel Buttoned Solid Dress

Though it may seem pretty basic at first glance, it’s anything but. This deep green dress features a smart button-up lapel collar and a flattering underbust panel that gives off a no-nonsense attitude, but the flowing swing skirt keeps things nice and comfortable, too. For anyone planning a night at the drive-in or even just an outdoor theater, this lovely throwback look will set the perfect tone for a nostalgic cinematic experience.

White & Yellow 1960s Bowknot Patchwork Dress

For a low-stress yet artistically enriching everyday outfit, consider this Mondrian-inspired sleeveless dress. This piece takes color blocking to a new level with its distinctive geometrical design, featuring eye-catching yellow and black stripes, a hallmark of Mondrian's style. The short length and breathable material make it a great choice for catching up with friends at lunch, so if your mom’s a social butterfly, this might be her style.

Light Blue 1950s Plaid Halter Swing Dress

When you think of gingham, you probably imagine it in red rather than a rich baby blue, and that’s what makes this gorgeous plaid swing dress stand apart from all the others. The adorable tie-neck halter neckline and small white belt carry an air of youth that will have your mom feeling nostalgic. This piece is great for daily wear in the summer months or for special occasions like family picnics or outdoor birthday parties.

Black 1960s Button Slit Bodycon Dress

Does this bring to mind a femme fatale? This unconventional 1960s-inspired piece is everything the little black dress should be and more. Between the eye-catching red sleeve trim, the matching red buttons, the V-neckline, and the cheeky side slit, this intriguing bodycon dress is a good pick for the moms who’ve still got it and want to strut their stuff.

Black 1950s Lace Floral Swing Dress

If your mother is a fan of classic Hollywood beauties, this modern take on a ‘50s gown will knock her socks off. Composed of a pale base garment and an intricate black lace overlay with a daring V-neckline, there’s no doubt this dress will turn heads. It can be paired with staple retro accessories like gloves and a string of pearls to create a complete look that’s wonderful for both cocktail parties and tea parties.

Light Blue 1940s Floral Shirt Neck Belt Dress

This dress is really something special, just like your mother. The intriguing combination of the floral skirt with the button-down bodice creates a beautiful contrast of traditional femininity and modern sophistication. With a satin ribbon belt bringing everything together, this piece reaches the height of elegance. Your mom might want to wear it out on a nice lunch date, on a stroll through the park, or at a garden party surrounded by friends and family.

Orange 1960s Crew Bowknot Sleeveless Dress

This dress embodies the summer season with its vibrant orange-and-white coloring. The asymmetrical neck bow pairs beautifully with the symmetry of the crisply pleated skirt, and the color combo brings to mind that beloved hot weather treat, the creamsicle! This would be a fun dress to wear while playing tennis or while lounging in the shade sipping a tiki drink—it could even be used as a swimsuit cover-up on the way to the pool.


Moms are such special people who make the world so much brighter. This Mother’s Day, your mom deserves something as beautiful and unique as her, and with Retro Stage, finding that ideal gift is a cinch. Even if you don’t see anything that quite suits your mother on this list, you can check out the Retro Stage website to browse countless other vintage-inspired pieces—the perfect match is sure to be there somewhere. We hope you and all the moms in your life have an amazing Mother’s Day filled with love and laughter!