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Fall in Love with Retro Classics This Valentine’s Day

/ Post by Jan sisi

The most romantic holiday of the year is almost here! This Valentine’s Day, sweethearts everywhere will set aside time to express their love and appreciation for one another. Bouquets, chocolates, and sentimental greeting cards will fly off the shelves to become gifts for a special someone. What better way to get into the spirit than by looking the part with charming vintage-inspired pieces from Retro Stage?

Retro Stage is a clothing brand that specializes in vintage styles, perfectly blending classic elegance with modern fashion to create a unique retro vibe. The brand's garments exude charm and personality, allowing you to showcase your distinctive style in any setting.

For the upcoming Valentine's Day, Retro Stage recommends some handpicked vintage pieces for the occasion. By dressing up to match the festive atmosphere, retro fashion lovers can fully immerse themselves in the sheer joy of Valentine’s Day and have an absolute blast celebrating all things love. These vintage-inspired pieces not only allow you to stand out during the holiday, but they also let you express your personality and style while celebrating the beauty of love.

Now let’s take a look at some of Retro Stage’s most standout seasonal pieces together!

Black & Pink 1960s Boat Neck Contrast Belted Dress & Pink 1950s Rose Floral Swing Dress

Even when you’re in a relationship, there’s nothing quite like a Valentine’s Day cocktail party with the ladies! A celebration of friendship is the perfect time to bust out the Black & Pink 1960s Boat Neck Contrast Belted Dress, a delightfully mod piece with a bold color-blocked design. Accented at the waist with a charming pink bow set at an angle, this dress is sure to win compliments from your gal pals.

Another snappy option is the Pink 1950s Rose Floral Swing Dress, a simple yet sophisticated garment made of delicate rose-patterned satin. Whether you prefer to accessorize with your finest jewelry or wear this dress as-is, you’ll bring smiles to your guests’ faces all evening as you mingle, mix drinks, and toast to friendship.

Black 1960s Contrasting Heart Knitting Dress

It can feel a little overwhelming as a single person seeing everyone being lovey-dovey, but you don’t have to let it get you down. You can take some time for yourself on Valentine’s Day by heading to your local bookstore and picking up something new to read! The Black 1960s Contrasting Heart Knitting Dress can serve as a cozy companion while you’re out shopping in the crisp February air, and with its striped heart pattern, you’ll look—and maybe even feel—extra festive.

Pink 1950s Strawberry Mesh Swing Dress & Strawberry Pink 1950s Patchwork Lace Romper

Taking a walk through the flowers with your significant other is a staple of Valentine’s Day, and it’s also an excellent time to express your vintage tastes. For your trip to the botanical gardens, consider the Pink 1950s Strawberry Mesh Swing Dress. Composed of a pale pink base with a sparkly strawberry tulle overlay, this piece features adorable bow details at the shoulders as well as an elegant cinched waist with button accents. You’ll look like you’re exactly where you belong as you stroll among the blossoms, skirt swaying in the breeze.

If dresses aren’t your thing, or if you just prefer taking a more casual approach, the Strawberry Pink 1950s Patchwork Lace Romper is the perfect alternative. This piece keeps the strawberry-speckled bodice but swaps the flowing skirt out for a comfortable pair of shorts. Whichever version you go with, you’ll look absolutely stunning!

1950s V-Neck High-Waist Star Mesh Belted Dress & 1940s Rose V-Neck Long Sleeve Dress

If you’re a fan of grand romantic gestures, a candlelit dinner with your partner is a must-have on February 14th, and that means looking your absolute best. The 1950s V-Neck High-Waist Star Mesh Belted Dress is a breathtaking piece made up of a blush-pink or dusty azure base and a silver star-studded tulle outer layer. With a deep V-neckline, a belted waist, and flowing bishop sleeves, there’s nothing about this garment that doesn’t scream romance.

A less flashy alternative is the 1940s Rose V-Neck Long Sleeve Dress, which boasts the same neckline and sleeve type in a longer cut and a more sophisticated floral-patterned fabric. What really makes this dress stand out, though, is the butterflies peeking out from between the leaves. Every movement in this dress will become a spectacle, orange monarchs fluttering as you walk to your table at the restaurant with your love.

Red & White 1930s Sleeveless Slit Fishtail Dress & Burgundy 1950s Velvet Mesh Polka Dot Dress

There’s double dates, and then there’s an all-couples dinner party! Flex your event-planning muscles by organizing a special dinner for not only yourself and your partner, but also your closest friends. Better yet, celebrate in style with the Red & White 1930s Sleeveless Slit Fishtail Dress, a flawless fusion of fun and refinement. With its smart notched lapel–style collar and button accents, this piece carries a certain dignity that is beautifully contrasted by the daring flared skirt.

The Burgundy 1950s Velvet Mesh Polka Dot Dress mixes elegance and whimsy in a similar manner with its luxe velvet bodice and polka-dotted tulle skirt, making it another viable option for a couples’ dinner party. Its off-shoulder design acts as a tasteful homage to classic ‘50s aesthetics, and the paneling in the bodice accentuates the slender curves of the torso. Front and center is a cheerful velvet bow for a little extra flair!

1950s Lace Strawberry Cami Tankini Set

If you live somewhere that’s left the winter chill behind by mid-February, a pool party or one-on-one swimming date is an awesome out-of-the-box idea for Valentine’s Day. The 1950s Lace Strawberry Cami Tankini Set, like its sister pieces we mentioned earlier, has a fun strawberry-patterned tulle overlay as well as a unique triple-strap design. All this combined with high-waisted bottoms and ruffled hems makes for an adorable and flirtatious look.


Whatever your plans are for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single or in a relationship (or somewhere in between—we see you, situationships!), Retro Stage has just what you need to get in the holiday mood while staying true to your nostalgic sensibilities. Channeling your unique sense of style is the best way to feel absolutely beautiful while celebrating this special occasion. For more breathtaking Valentine’s Day selections, please visit the Retro Stage website.

We hope all you vintage fashion lovers out there have a Happy Valentine’s Day!