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A Guide to the Best Vintage-inspired Swimwear This Summer

/ Post by katya he

The Timeless Styles Are Making a Big Comeback!

As the weather gets warmer, a sunny beach or pool will be the most delightful spot. When your swimming or sunbathing plan is ready, don’t forget to prepare yourself with the best swimwear. At Retro Stage, we combine the latest modern trends and unique cuts with classic designs from the 20th century to create vintage-inspired swimwear that is uniquely ours, helping you stay ahead of the top trends. In addition to styles that are sure to make a vintage statement, you'll find exclusive prints and patterns you won't get anywhere else. Now let’s take a look at our main types of vintage swimwear.

40’s Swimwear

When looking back at swimwear in the 1940s, we found that one-piece swimsuits were very popular, and two-piece swimsuits also had a lot of fans. In addition, swimsuits with ruching or simple patterns, such as polka dots and tropical floral prints, were all the rage. In the 1940s, ruching was used on either the sides of the swimsuit, down a panel on the front, or all over for the amazing slimming effects. And the patterns printed on swimsuits were simple to prevent people from being dazzled. Taking inspiration from this decade’s swimwear styles, our designers create stunning pieces that bring a modern twist to old-school staples.

You can see the perfect combination of ruching and polka dots in our one-piece swimwear and bikini sets. The Red Halter Polka Dot One-piece Swimsuit and Polka Dot Halter Pleated Bikini feature ruching on the front to create an optical illusion for maximum body shaping and make you look slimmer. The added polka-dot elements can be called the finishing touch and instantly make you stand out.

Gorgeous and rich floral prints are also a staple in our swimwear. This means that you can find designs with different tropical floral patterns at Retro Stage. The Lemon Polka Dot Halter Bikini Set and Olive Lace-up Halter Flowers Bikini Set both feature a lace-up back and floral-patterned bottoms that create a flattering high-waisted fit. The former’s sapphire blue carries an air of mystery that is beautifully complemented by ocean waves, and the latter’s subdued olive-green color evokes lovely seaside palm trees.

50’s Swimwear

The 1950s were a truly elegant era in fashion design, and swimsuit design was no exception. Swimwear in the 1950s came in more vibrant colors and patterns than the rich florals of the 1940s. Patterns in a variety of colors could be seen everywhere throughout this decade, especially the combination of black, red, blue, or green and white. It was a trend that people of all ages embraced and enjoyed. In order to pay homage to that era, the leading tone of our swimsuits is elegant and gentle, with vibrant colors and patterns such as plaids and candy stripes. This combination of classic elegance and modern vibrancy makes our swimsuits perfect for any occasion.

Gingham and plaid are fun and flirty patterns that can bring back fond memories of summertime picnics on the beach with friends. For example, our Checked Halter Bowknot One-Piece Swimsuit is a great way to show off your sense of style. The bright and cheerful checked pattern is sure to draw attention, and the halter neckline and bowknot add the perfect touch of playfulness. For a softer, more graceful look, the Blue Retro Plaid Strap Bikini Set’s delicate blue and white plaid is an excellent choice.

Beyond the classic black and white stripes, stripes in any color combination can be striking. As shown in the Striped Color Block Vintage Bikini Set, yellow and white stripes can create a bold and eye-catching look full of passion and warmth. Alternatively, stripes in dark blue or red tones can be used to create a subtler, more understated look. No matter what color combination you choose, stripes are a great way to represent a blending of modern style and retro motifs.

60’s Swimwear

From the debut of the miniskirt to the mod style craze, the 1960s were known for breaking fashion traditions. Swimsuits with stylish belts, ruffled skirts, and psychedelic prints were considered to be the height of fashion. At Retro Stage, highlights of 1960s swimwear are perfectly blended with today’s trends to honor the beloved traits of past fashions while also seeking to inspire modern innovation.

Swimwear can be given a youthful twist with the addition of cute strawberry and fresh daisy prints. For lovely styles, the Strawberry Lace-up Bikini Set or Green Summer Daisy Halter Swimsuit can be the best choice to show off at the pool or sunbathe on a hot day. Their bandeau tops and high-waisted bottoms are trimmed with delicate lace for a flattering silhouette. The pink base is covered with light pink lace filled with strawberries, making you a pink sweetheart. And the second one features a green base covered with cream-colored lace that’s decorated with cheerful daisies, adding a playful and cheerful touch.

Put on an animal-print swimsuit and start exploring the world of underwater animals. Our Butterfly-printed Strap Swimsuit will provide a real feeling of nature for you. This one-piece swimsuit features a colorful and lifelike butterfly print, adding a playful and feminine touch. The removable ruffle skirt is lightweight and airy, making it a great addition to any beach outfit. The Green Jaguar-printed Halter Swimsuit is perfect for making a statement at the beach or pool. It features a jaguar pattern in shades of black on a vibrant green background, which stands out against the sand and sea. The halter style and belt design help to offer a flattering fit, and the high-cut leg openings give you a retro look.

Additionally, what makes our 1960s swimwear truly one-of-a-kind is the addition of a cover-up. The cover-up is designed to provide extra protection from the sun and to add a bit of extra flair to the swimsuit. For example, you can see the stunning combination of art and retro style in our 3pcs Red Retro Lady Bikini Set. The vibrant pinup girl pattern will help you stand out, and the matched cover-up adds an extra layer of style and sophistication, making you destined to become the focus of passers-by. Moreover, most of our swimwear can be freely matched with different cover-ups. If you are looking to create a unique swim look, welcome to check out our cover-up collection. With our selection, you can easily find the perfect combination to make you stand out from the crowd.

With those classic swimsuits, you'll be ready to take on the waves and enjoy a day of fun in the sun. There's surely an item to suit your taste in our large variety of fits, colors, and prints! So now look for your favorite one, and you'll definitely feel ready for summer!