1950s fashion was one of the industry’s favorite decades, and more and more modern celebrities love vintage styles and do it well. Such as Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s vintage styles Copyright: Vogue

Katy in the cute retro dress. Copyright: Film Magic
The good thing about the rockabilly dress is that it can be adapted to nearly any shape or size. A few of the key features of this timeless fashion era were tiny waists, A-line styles.
Then there is a question: How to style your fifties look & stand out from the crowd?

Bright Swing Dress

The bright patterns, flowers, polka dots, check along with halter necks, off the shoulder and bold colors would be great for you to shine bright. Especially the feminine, retro polka dots. The polka-dot dress can work for any occasion from off-duty holidays to office. It’s a huge trend for this summer in 2018.

Elegant 1950s Prom Dress

A elegant 1950s dresses that will make you feel more confident on your prom night. Keeping a vintage prom dress in your closet will assure you of having something unique and beautiful to wear to prom or any special occasion. There are 4 tips to take into consideration when choosing a prom dress:
    1. Which colors works best with your skin
    2.The dresses’ length, mid-calf, ball gown or below the knee
    3.What’s your favourite details for a prom? Mesh, embroidery or lace.
    4.Accessories make the difference. Go for a right lingerie, jewellery, shoes and evening bag to pair with for your dress choice.

Invest in Petticoats or Crinolines

BTW, if you want your dress to be more puffy, We highly suggest you should wear the petticoat. A vintage petticoat helps add some flair and romance to your retro look.
There are multiple colors to choose, from pastel pink to red.

A Fabulous Fifties Hairstyle

“If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything.” – Iris Apfel. Your hairstyle is a major component of your style that directly affects how you feel on a daily basis. Get some inspiration from Marilyn and Elizabeth Taylor

In the meanwhile, if you’ve been inspired by the variety of gorgeous dresses of the 1950s, check out these vintage styles from our collection.